Work with Me

Welcome! Thank you for your interest in working with me. Whether you’re a business owner, community leader, or fellow blogger, I can help you and the people you serve.

Using my Master’s degree in psychology and my passion for cultivating self-awareness, I help people improve their lives through emotional intelligence and intentional living.

Why does this matter?

Do you want your customers to buy your product or service on an impulse, one they might later regret or forget about?


Do you want them to fully commit to you and your message, love it, remember it, and tell others about it?

Every individual and business has a unique story to tell. That story is your opportunity to connect with potential customers on an emotional level and cultivate long-term loyalty. This connection happens when you:

  • Craft words that evoke specific emotions and call people to action.
  • Clearly illustrate how your product or service will improve their lives.
  • Present your story in a way that helps customers choose your business intentionally.
  • Deliver a message that promises relief from this noisy world, not one that adds more confusing volume to it.

That’s where I come in. My storytelling skills help me present material in a way that draws deep connections between you and your people. In September 2005, I wrote a blog post that went viral on social media, drawing over 100,000 shares and 1,000,000 views. I would love to help your message achieve this level of exposure.

With an educational background in psychology, a deep understanding of the power of a well-crafted message, and a knack for sentence structure and word choice, I can help you take your blog, book, or business to the next level. Whether you want to support a cause, sell a product, or educate readers, I’m confident that we can work together to accomplish your goals.

My services include:


  • Website content, blog posts, and articles that engage readers and sell products.
  • Testimonials and case studies that illustrate exactly how your product changes lives
  • About pages and profiles to help you tell your unique story and attract new customers
  • Ghostwriting for books, blog posts, and articles


  • Basic proofreading for spelling, grammar, and punctuation.
  • Copyediting for consistency, word choice, and sentence structure.
  • Consulting for overall message, tone, theme, and story development

Please email me at to request a quote on your project.

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