Meet Lisa

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I’m Lisa and I’m here to help you get out of your head and into your life.

Perhaps you’re wondering how?

Until five years ago, my thoughts controlled my life. Through every waking minute, my mind was a mess of worry, self-doubt, indecisiveness, and rumination.

I questioned every decision, read into every situation, and obsessed over unnecessary details. These habits caused frequent arguments with my husband and chronic discontentment.

This was beyond frustrating for me, not just because life felt like a constant battle, but because I thought I was supposed to know better.

You see, I have a Master’s degree in psychology; and before I had kids I worked as a crisis intervention counselor and then as a leadership development specialist at my alma mater. I knew a lot about helping other people, but I couldn’t seem to apply those things to my own life.

One day, a friend with similar struggles gave me a book that opened a door to a different way of experiencing life. That book led me to read another. And another. I spent the next five years learning the practices of self-awareness and mindfulness.

In time, I learned how to step out of auto-pilot and pay attention to life on a deeper level. I learned to ask big, scary questions and challenge my assumptions. And I learned how to separate myself from my thoughts and tap into the feelings underneath them. Slowly, the constant buzz of my busy mind faded to a dull whisper that rarely rattles me like it did before.

I’m guessing you’re here because you’re fighting a similar battle?

Although it certainly isn’t an easy process, I believe it’s absolutely worth the work. The willingness to engage in self-reflection will send you on a life-changing journey. These tools have helped me manage emotions, make better decisions, improve my relationships, and find pathways to joy and contentment in a life that could otherwise be quite exhausting.

Now I want to share those tools with you. I want to help you live in harmony with the noise of your inner voice. If you find yourself lost in your own mind, trapped in the cycle of worrying about the future, dwelling on the past, and never feeling fully present in your right-now life, I invite you to join this quiet community.

I promise you will not be inundated with email offers or overwhelmed by social media content. Rather, my goal is to provide you with the opposite. Here you’ll find:

• Space to breathe, reflect, and realign yourself with presence and peace.

• Practical strategies to help you turn down the volume in your inner and outer world.

• Bigger picture perspectives to help you think more deeply about your life and your purpose.

• A haven of quiet relief for your busy mind.

In addition to writing regular blog posts and articles, I offer services in writing, speaking, and coaching. Click here for more information about how I can serve you and your business.

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