Why I’m Walking Away from Social Media Even if it Tanks My Blog

collage of words associated with social media

She says she wants to draw me a picture and I set her up with paper and crayons. Minutes later, I’m stirring dinner and I hear her breathing deep as she tries to keep her emotions in check. Then she makes one mistake too many and loses the fight. She slams her hand on the table and her crayon hits the wall. She lets out a shrill cry and crumples her paper. I come to her side, my spoon dripping with gravy. She lays like a starfish on the dining room floor. I ask her what’s wrong even though I […]

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What Happens When We Face Our Fears

airplane waiting to take off

Four weeks ago today, I sat on the floor of an airport terminal, staring out the window and clutching my rosary. Outside, a Boeing 777 – painted like a scene from Lord of the Rings – waited for us to board. We were preparing to make the flight from LAX to Auckland, twelve hours over nothing but ocean. I hate to fly. I’m a nightmare of a seat mate–ask anyone who’s flown with me. I could get into the nitty-gritty details of the origin of my fear, but that’s a different can of worms. Basically, I don’t do well when I’m […]

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Does Your Life Ache for Balance? Try this.

Rocks balancing on each other

After last week’s blog post, I’ve continued to make changes in the way I approach not just my screen-related habits but also my work in general. See, I’m one of those people who can’t do anything without becoming completely and utterly obsessed with it to a nearly pathological degree. For real. This is why I don’t read as much as I should for being a writer. Hand me a book, and I become all “Oh wait. I have children to feed?” When I do something, I am All. In. Which was a super helpful quality when I was in grad […]

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What I Learned After My Blog Went Viral

computer on a desk

Oh, you guys. The insanity that broke out in this space yesterday. I don’t know if I should talk about it or simply gloss over it or not mention it all. But I have a lot of thoughts churning and I sort through them by writing, so here I go… First, this has always been a quiet place, a place where my mom and my grandma and a few close friends came to support me and my passion for writing and storytelling. I always said I liked it that way, but a deep down part of me (the selfish part, […]

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Just in Case You Thought I Had It All Together

eggs and toast together on a tray

On Sunday morning, Matt went over to his parents’ house to pick up the kids while I sat alone in the living room trying to decide what to do for an hour. It’s so rare that I’m alone in the morning. I think I’ll make some eggs. I tried to have eggs one day last week, but the kids were on me like vultures (after denying my offer to make them their own eggs). Instead, they opted for Cheerios and bananas. Of course, by the time I sat down with my eggs and toast they had finished their Cheerios and […]

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Making Peace with the Anonymity of Motherhood

“The title of Summa Cum Laude, or ‘with highest honors,’ is reserved for students graduating with a GPA of 3.9 to 4.0. Students graduating Summa Cum Laude, please stand and be recognized.” I rose from my seat in the packed auditorium with a handful of other graduates. Noticing how few of us stood up, I relished the applause. It was one of the proudest moments of my life. I’m not telling you about it because I’m proud. Actually, I’m crazy-proud. Sinfully proud. But that’s not why I’m telling you. I’m telling you because it is actually the root of a […]

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When You Discover that Love Is Your Purpose

I imagine most people aim to live a life of meaning. We want to know that we made a difference while we were here and that we’ll still matter once we are gone. What we do on earth – our roles, our careers, our image – becomes our meaning, our purpose. We define ourselves by those things because without them, what is left? Sometimes I think writing is my purpose. It sits at the center of my lifelong dreams, and I truly believe it is my calling. But what if something happens to me or my circumstances and I am no […]

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When You’re Not Sure How to Measure Your Worth

teddy bear on a bench

I found the unmarked plastic bin under one of the storage shelves in our basement. Baby stuff, I guessed. Still, I opened the lid to make sure. Nope. Beanie Babies. When we moved to this house, my parents brought a bunch of my old stuff–things they got tired of storing for me. High school year books, pictures, furniture. In the chaos of moving day, I had the movers take it all to the basement with no further direction on where and how to stack it. I’ve never taken the time to go through everything. Among all the boxes was this […]

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