One Small Action That Course-Corrected My Life


I only intended to do it for the summer. My husband has six weeks off every year from mid-June to early-August. We use those weeks to make up for the family time we miss during his hectic school-year schedule. I usually take several weeks away from blogging, and I curb my social media use to honor his desire for a quiet, private summer. As a high school administrator who spends a portion of every day dealing with cyber-bullying and Snapchat drama, Matt is adamantly anti-social-media. He prefers real life connection and the small, selective sharing of special moments. He thinks the sacredness […]

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Why I’m Walking Away from Social Media Even if it Tanks My Blog


She says she wants to draw me a picture and I set her up with paper and crayons. Minutes later, I’m stirring dinner and I can hear her breathing deep as she tries to keep her emotions in check. Then she makes one mistake too many and loses the fight. She slams her hand on the table and her crayon hits the wall. She lets out a shrill cry and crumples her paper. I come to her side, my spoon dripping with gravy. By now she’s laid out like a starfish on the dining room floor. I ask her what’s […]

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One Thing We Can Do When The Whole World Is Yelling


I was sitting on our patio, sipping iced coffee and reading my new library book when the sound of barking and howling erupted down the street. Just moments before, I was breathing the warm summer air and thinking about how much I love living in such a quiet and peaceful place. The barking always starts out low and slow but quickly elevates to a distant roar, lasting several minutes before fading back into silence. This happens several times a day. The neighbors’ dogs. That’s right. Dogs. Plural. Our neighbors to the south run some kind of kennel operation. We didn’t know about this until […]

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An Invitation for Some Quiet Relief


Perhaps you’ve noticed that things look a little different over here? That’s because I recently completed a full re-design of my website and added some things that will make it more fun and user friendly for all of you (like easier email signup – which you’ll find at the bottom of the page. I may have happy danced over that one). If you’ve been around for a while, you won’t see a big change in content. Rather, I simply updated the look of my website to make my purpose as a blogger more obvious to new readers. This is my third […]

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What Happens When We Face Our Fears

Day 1 - Travel (6)

Four weeks ago today, I sat on the floor of an airport terminal, staring out the window and clutching my rosary. Outside, a Boeing 777 – painted like a scene from Lord of the Rings – waited for us to board. We were preparing to make the flight from LAX to Auckland, twelve hours over nothing but ocean. I hate to fly. Ask anyone who’s flown with me. I’m a nightmare of a seat mate. Heart palpitations during takeoff, panic attacks at the first sign of turbulence. It’s ugly. I could get into the nitty-gritty details of the origin of my […]

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Come to New Zealand with Me!

Day 6 - Totara North (2)

I’m just popping in today to tell you what’s been going on behind the scenes around here… and to say that I’m leaving for New Zealand in T-minus two weeks and I want you to come along! But first things first. March just might be my favorite month of the year. Sure, I could do without the rain and it’s still a bit cold for my liking, but the sun’s bedtime goes back a whole hour and that’s all I really need. Now, I don’t want to get ahead of myself but it appears that as the winter tide went out, it […]

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Moms Need a Village Too

Better Together 1

I picked up the phone to tell her that life has me in a choke hold again this week, and by the way, how was your vacation? She tells me how they missed their return flight only to make it home two days later with a kid in the throes of a nasty ear infection. Then I tell her I’m parked outside Walgreens with two sets of infected ears asleep in my backseat and I’m so tired I could lean my seat back and join them if that amoxicillin isn’t bottled in the next five minutes. “Oh, the joys of motherhood.” […]

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When Life is Overwhelming


Yesterday afternoon I put Allie down for a nap and came out to the kitchen to stare at my calendar and panic for a few minutes. I have a lot going on right now, you guys, and it’s starting to make my head spin. While most of it is fun and exciting, I won’t even pretend that things aren’t also hard and daunting, especially for a high-strung worry wart like me. Just to give you a bit of context, this is the short version of what’s going on my life right now: I’m hiring a professional tech person to revamp my website so I […]

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One Way to Beat the Winter Slump When Nothing Else Helps


Hey there, fellow winter warrior. This time of year is pretty brutal, isn’t it? It’s cold. It’s dark. Our noses are stuffed up; the heating bills keep rolling in; and our kids are behaving like caged animals. If you follow me on Instagram, then you know what kind of morning I had yesterday. And while a morning like that is never ideal, I imagine I wouldn’t have stressed about it on a sunny June day. I assume most people can relate to some amount of winter despair. But for those of us who’s emotional health and outlook on life are […]

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Some Things to Remember When We’re Tempted to Judge

There's more to the story 2

We walked into the library and made our way to the children’s room. Allie immediately went for the train set (she always does) while I found a safe place for my laptop case. I joined her on the floor and we started constructing an oval-shaped track. Another mom showed up with a preschool-aged boy and an infant sleeping in a stroller. (Until then we were the only ones in the children’s area, which is extremely rare). She parked her stroller, sat a table, and sent the little boy off to play. A few minutes later, I heard him struggling behind […]

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